SpeakRight Advance


Presentation is an ever-evolving skill. There are always areas for improvement. In this continuation program, participants will be exposed to the physical art of presenting in front of an audience. In a 20-minute workplace presentation, it is crucial to keep audience attentive to the message that is being delivered thus leaving them in a better position to make informed decisions. Every action demonstrated by the presenter must be deliberate with a singular purpose to influence the audience into action in a positive way. These strategies will be unleashed in this dynamic 2 day program with the objective to keep presentations crisp, informative, purposeful and even entertaining.

Expected Competencies participants derive after the course:

  • Understand the concept of persuasion
  • Orientate between different presentation structures
  • Apply advanced delivery techniques

Course Content  


5 Minutes presentation per participant – video taped

Evaluation by Trainer

Module 1: Persuasion

Persuasion Key 1: Reciprocity – Giving and Taking

Persuasion Key 2: Achieving Likability – Humor & Stories

Persuasion Key 3: Demonstrating Subject Matter Authority

Persuasion Key 4: Social Proof: What the masses say?

Module 2: Multiple Presentation Structures

Topical Presentation – Introducing a topic or a product

Keynote Presentation – Addressing a large audience on a specific topic

Selling a Product or Service – From features to advantages and benefits

Module 3: Advanced Delivery Techniques

The Art of Storytelling – The Monomyth, The Mountain & The Convergence

Use of Humor – Self-Deprecating, The Unexpected

Advanced Eye Contact and Body Language


10 Minutes presentation per participant – video taped

Evaluation by Trainer


Interactive lecture, presentations, demonstrations

Pre & Post Video taping of presentation (to be done at the start of day 1 and end of day 2)

Video screening on last day with open evaluation session

Documented evaluation by trainer at the end of session to L&D department


Executives who have attended the SpeakRight Basics program and have successfully conducted at least 1 presentation since then.


3 days