So, you are now thrust into this precarious ordeal where you are required to present to the Senior Management Team. You have it all in your head but you are not sure if your thoughts will come out like properly fit jigsaws forming a breathtaking picture. Perhaps you are feeling breathless. The thought of that challenging management team reminds you of hungry crouching tigers waiting to take a leap at your misstep. But you have got it all in your head. Your question: How do I tame the tiger so that I am not part of their lunch menu? This 2-Day program will quickly equip you with all the key components required to get you out of the den alive and thriving as a successful presenter.

Expected Competencies participants derive after the course:

Develop the ability to mind read your audience

Use a structure that is immersed in simplified sophistication

Learn the techniques to Fixation-Assured delivery

Handle arrow-pointed questions with relative ease and professionalism

Course Content

Module 1: Knowing Your Tigers – Audience Advocacy

4 Key Uncompromising Demands of Management

Primary & Secondary Audience: Who’s the influencer?

Functional & Strategic Perception of Management – Time Line Differentiation

Transitioning from Features to Benefits & Advantages

4 Communication Archetype: What’s your Speaking Style vs their Thinking Style?

Module 2: Entering The Tiger’s Den – Objective Oriented Structure

What’s in and What’s Out: Avoiding the Data Dump!

The First 30 seconds & The Last 30 Seconds: Getting them Hooked!

The 4-3-2-1 Strategy: Setting the Parameters

External & Internal Linkages: Connecting the Dots

Module3: Dancing with the Tigers – Fixation-Assured Delivery

The Power of Trigger Words

Interaction 101: Boosting Engagement & Involvement

Gestures that Meet the Mood

Voice Control & Modulation

Advanced Eye Contact Strategy

Component 4: Feeding the Tigers – Taking Questions; Dishing Answers

Accepting the Question: Demonstrating Empathy & Concern

Acknowledging the concerns

Pre-empting strategies (tell it before they ask it)

Responding & Checking Understanding

Deferring Technique

Circumventing the Politically-Motivated question

Delivery Practice Session

Individual Presentations by Attendees – Video Tapedfor personal viewing

Comprehensive Evaluation by Trainer

Duration: 2 Days (16 Hours)

Target Audience: Managers & Executives who are required to present to a tough group of people.

Training Methodology: Interactive Lecture, Amplified Demonstrations, Relevant Videos, Individual Presentations & Comprehensive Evaluations & Personal Coaching.

Class Size: Not exceeding 15 attendees


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