Program Overview

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Today, presentations are very much a part of every executive’s responsibilities. This is what distinguishes the successful professional from everyone else. This skill is most critical to your success— and to your individual and corporate image to be able deliver technical information in an interactive manner. This program introduces powerful tools and techniques to turn every presentation into a rewarding experience particularly for those who are beginning their journey as workplace presenters while also being helpful to experienced presenters.

Expected Competencies participants derive after the course:

– Embrace the positive mindset of a speaker
– Analyze audience in a systematic manner
– Structure a presentation with a smooth flow
Develop attractive PowerPoint slides that would hold audience attention
Answer questions in a professional manner

Module 1: The Speaker
– Benefits of an effective speaker – The Right Mindset
– The Rhetorical Triangle – Logos (Information), Pathos (Demeanor) & Ethos (Intention)
– 3 Steps to overcoming Nervousness

Module 2: Audience Analysis
– Primary Analysis: 5 Key Audience in any presentation – Their Needs & Speaker Focus
– Secondary Analysis: 7 Considerations: Level of Understanding, Demographics (Age, Educational Background, Sex), Level of Interest, Speaking Environment, Customization & General Expectations
– Answers for potential questions

Module 3: Content Structure
– Linking Audience needs to Content
– The Big Picture – Developing the Storyline,
– 5 Components of Introduction – Purpose, Background, Aspirations & Objectives
– 3 Components of the Body: 3 Main Points
– Content Spices: Examples, Emphasis, Mini Summaries, Opinions & Stories
– Transition Statement: Point to Point
– 4 Key PowerPoint Guidelines: Design, Font Size, Number of words, Color

Module 4: Presentation Delivery
– Voice: Volume, Pitch & Speed
– Visual: Posture, Pace, Gestures & Facial Expressions & Emotions
– Verbal: Positive Vocabulary (Visual Words)

Module 5: Handling Questions
– 6Rsto managing Questions – Receive, Reflect, Respond, Refine, Redirect,Refocus

Target Learners
Executives who are keen to take up speaking for the first with little or no prior experience speaking in an official workplace presentation setting.

Program Duration
2 days

Training Methodology
Interactive lectures, short individual speaking& group presentation, evaluations, video-taped review of speakers (Limited to 15 participants in one class)