Conducting a training at the shop floor itself can be an ambitious task considering the many dynamics that exist during that time frame. It is natural to ensure a trainer gets full participation during a shop floor training however, retaining their attention and at the same time ensuring that learning takes places becomes the big question. This training program will equip trainer with the skill to capture the attention of learners, track their understanding, test their skills and observe their improvement in a succinct and effective manner.
Program Objectives
At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

Course Outline

Module 1: OJT Trainer’s Mind set

“Learners attention is not a given” – The challenges of a non-classroom training setting

From concept to skill: Making the transition

The focus on behaviour change

Response centric learning

Know when to instate an OJT approach

Module 2: Technical OJT training format

Clarifying expectation: Being clear on the objectives

Connecting the OJT to the big picture

3 key Steps: The Processà The Action à The Results

Module 3: OJT Prerequisites

5 Types of skills needed to be established:

Module 4: OJT Facilitation Skills

Step 1: Capturing the attention

Step 2: Demonstrate the skills

Step 4: Facilitate practice

Step 4: Monitor Progress and provide feedback

Step 5: Final Debrief

Duration: 2 Days (16 Hours)

Target Audience: Operation Level Trainers & Aspiring Trainers

Training Methodology: Interactive Lecture, Amplified Demonstrations, Relevant Videos, Individual Presentations & Comprehensive Evaluations.