From Speaker to Trainer: The Secret to Success (Full Program)


All 16 tools that would help you transition from speaker to trainer.

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Thought Patterns of an Authentic Trainer

  1. Trainer’s Belief Orientation
  2. Brain Basics: Adult-Learning Psychology
  3. Synchronicity Advantage: It’s not about me; it’s about them
  4. Transcending Motivation to Motive-in-Action

Content Curation & Adaptation

5. Audience Attention Axis

6. The Discovery Mode: From Education to Transformation

7. Sure-Win Training Structure

8. Content Selection: 10-Steps

Delivery Strategies for Behavioral Transformation

9. The Democratized Trainer

10. Pull & Push Strategy

11. Embodied Presentation: Left & Right Hemisphere

12. Listening with the Eyes

The Likability Canvas

13. Listening with the Eyes

14. D.O.S.E Frequency: The Hormone Effects

15. Humor Embedment

16. The Storyteller